Singing herself to sleep since before she could remember, Anita Aysola studied classical piano at the age of 5, east indian classical voice in elementary school and began to learn the sitar in middle school. It was while in college, listening to Tori Amos and singing with the nationally recieved accapella group "Amazing Blue" that she was inspired to combine all of her musical skills. Blending her talents on piano/keyboard and voice , Anita began to express herself with a pop sensibility. After a brief stint in the peace corps, she moved to Chicago and performed with Funkadesi and Kokapelli playing keys and singing leeds. Anita added her color and warmth to Lotus

With a love of music that spanned his life, Chicago native John Blaha first began his sonic exploration with the harmonica but soon found a more natural expression with the drums. Self taught at first, John then studied under Phil Stanger for 10 years and learned the essentials of jazz, rock, and percussion. He performed in cover bands for a time, then formed a band called "Women in Love" with John and Frank Navin (The Aluminum Group) and Geri Soriano (The Supreme Beings of Leisure). With his next band, Love and Adiction, he saw regional success and with the Navin brothers, once again, national exposure in The Aluminum Group.

Orginally from Warsaw Poland, Janusz Klonowski began to teach himself guitar at 17 while being confined to his room with a broken leg. Always interested in music he learned to pick out chords and styles from a variaty of artists. Janusz played in cover bands with other musicians from his neghborhood, then connected with professional musicians while hanging out at the music clubs in Warsaw. His first band, Novo Del Arte had some national success and a couple of hits in Poland. From there, Janusz played in several bands ending up in the Polish underground performing with Didet Bidet and the notorious Sydney on Bass and Majonez on drums. The band went through a number of singers before ending up with Robert Gawlinsky who would later go on to form Wilki.

In '89 Janusz emigrated to Chicago and played in various punk bands before joining the band Slough in '97 with other musicians from the polish community.

Suzann Robinson began her interest in singing and performing as a young child singing around the house for anyone who would listen. She's enjoyed music of all sorts but especially enjoyed the art of creating harmonies.

Suzann got involved with theatre while in junior high and later took voice lessons in high school. She soon discovered community theater and performed in several productions over the years throughout the Chicago area.

Though Suzann has always enjoyed performing in plays and musicals she was looking for an opportunity to perform music with a modern sound outside of the theatrical setting. Suzann's voice added the perfect pitch to blend beautifully with the Lotus vibe.

Christine Ingaldson has performed music on her own for years and has just recently moved to Chicago. Christine is currently working on several projects, Flutter and E-Lab to name two, as well as singing back up on the song LOTUS "Hold On"
Check out some of her music!.

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Todd Kelsey has been performing in and around the Chicago music scene for years. An accomplished flutist, he recorded and toured with Chicago's Sister Soleil. Currently he is working on a project called Cobalt Blue. Todd adds flute to the song Mystery on the CD Float.

Charles Danyer is known for his guitar playing in the spirit of Andy Gill and Jody Harris. Before delving into his sound experiments, he performed with his brothers in Assembly Line People Program and released an number of records including their self titled Disc produced in London by Graham Coxon of Blur on the Transcopic Records He has performed in Henry-Danyluk and has added the musical saw to the songs Innerout and Not Far Away on the Float CD.