"Take electronica trip-hoppers Tricky, Portishead, Ruby & Sneaker Pimps, and add the etheral qualities of Kate Bush and Dead Can Dance, stir with mystery (& you've got) My Scarlet Life."
--Des Moines Register

"If MC Escher made music, it'd sound like this."
--The ORB (magazine)


My Scarlet Life was formed by Julie Axis (vocals) and Preston Klik (keyboards). After spending the first year seeking out the perfect lineup, MSL came into it's own in 1995 after Christy Cameron Smith (vocals), Amy Spina (percussion and guitar), and Paul Infiniti (guitar, bass guitar, and percussion) finally joined the band. Full of samples and sensuality, and crowned with 2 female singers, the band's mix of trancy, electronica, diva-pop created a very visual live show which has been seen through-out the mid west and parts of Canada. Before the band's breakup in the fall of 2000, MSL released 5 CD's ( see below) and appeared on numerous compilations including "I Wanna Be Kate" Kate Bush tribute CD. All the former members of My Scarlet Life continued down their own musical and spiritual paths.
Christy Cameron Smith
One of two lead vocalists in MSL, Christy's vocals took the music to an even greater expression. She continues making music in LOTUS.
Paul Infiniti
Paul played percussion, bass and lead guitar in MSL, switching roles with Amy Spina as the songs permitted. Paul continues creating music with Christy in LOTUS.
Julie Axis
Co-founder of MSL, Julie shared lead vocalist duties with Christy. She is still making beautiful music with Joe Axis and Robb Workman in the band JUTE.
Amy Spina
Amy performed percussion and guitar sharing the spotlight with Paul. Amy now performs and records with a number of Chicago artists.
Preston Klik
Chicago musician Preston Klick played keyboards in MSL. He continues making music in various bands for DivaNation Records.
Sept. 1999
Final release by My Scarlet Life.
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Feb 1998
Featuring the songs Fire and Black Limbo
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Feb 1997
"..a 'Dark Side of the Moon' for the '90's"
--Iowa State Daily
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Sept 1998
A remix CD of BuzzBomb and Trypnotica featuring 8 re-mixers from through-out the Mid-west.
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