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Into the Light Gamlagrejer
Purification Artefact
About your soul Dark angeles
Alfred Hungry Lucy
Whitewash Spotlight Kimodus
Shiver Scary Valentine
Hold On Lotus
Precious Love Fleau
A Titilating Tintinnabulation Pleiadian
The Time You've Spent Pure Drama
Still Third Option
Stick With Me, Brother ASEK
Echos (leggo my) remix The Interstellars
Want You, Don't Need You Liz Larin
Low-frequency's Nature Budha Building
Helpless Natasha
Electric Sirkus Sirk
Transmutation Menage a Boogie

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Produced by Terence Damian
Sound Engineer: Trevor Sadler / Mastermind Productions
Photographer: Ron Chapple / Ron Chapple Studios
Released by 3000Records