Snakepit of Hell - theImmortalSavant
Secrets - Justin Mroz
Cloud Seeding - Drew Pluta
Layo-Layo - Preston Klik
Dreamwalker - t.n. gregory
Tangled Web - TheImmortalSavant
Here I Go Again - Goink
Valley Of Rage - Chris Greene
Sore Muscle - the AKIRA project
Runnin' Thru the Forest - Matthew Crowley
Goin' South - Preston Klik
Machine Rock - Scorbie

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DANSE AMOUR is heavier on the dance side than their others. I have never been a dance music kind of gal: I love this CD. So do both my roommates and the rest of the clan that congregates in my dorm room. We put it on and let it play multiple times. This is a first for me, an inspiration of movement . . . SNEAKER PIMPS with a twist of the UNDERWORLD . . . a rare sound."

"Die-hard My Scarlet Life fans as well as those who just enjoy electronic music will definitely enjoy DANSE AMOUR. The innovative style of My Scarlet Life's electronica paired with the interpretation of their sound by the very talented mixers is an incredible combination. Many may be waiting in eager anticipation for the release of a new album of original material, but until then the exploration of these twelve unique and mesmerizing tracks should prove to be an adequate substitute."--181-4 Degrees From The Norm e-zine

Mastered and edited by Chris Greene at Alien Soundscapes Inc.