All The Beauty/breather
Ringing Bell/Lover Mi Lou
Bridge The River Seoul/Blue Dahlia
C-Street Angel/Chika
Honey Lime/Jute
Here I Go Again/My Scarlet Life
Ku Ku Pearls/SCSI
Amberlyn Bridge/Galaxia
Little Death/Dorian Grey
It Glows In My Hand/Bed Of Roses
Butterfly (In Love)/Twigs
God Is An Astronaut/Certain Distant Suns

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33 acts submitted 66 songs of which 16 were chosen for this CD. The result is called CICATRIX (the ritual scarring) COLLECTION 1, a full-length CD of adventurous contemporary music by mixed-gender acts. NOT indie-pop, NOT "alternative", --it's trip-hop /edgy /dark /electro /rock. Bands from Chicago, Milwaukee, St Louis, and Kalamazoo are represented here.

"Firm on its resolve to promote "mixed-gender" acts, DivaNation sampler of dark electronica and trip-hop includes dulcet female voices backed by some male musicians. Cicatrix COLLECTION 1 is an excellent and varied introudction to an obviously fertile scene of technology-loving groups. (4)"
--Outsight Ezine, Detroit

"I have to say I was completely blown away by Cicatrix COLLECTION 1 -- there are some incredible songs. I couldn't rave quite as much as I wanted to in my review. Several of the songs are candidates for my favorites of this year -- breathtaking. There wasn't a single song on there I didn't like. Thanks for putting together such a great bunch of bands that deserve LOTS more exposure. I was left shaking my head in amazement as to how you found all these divergent and talented acts. Congratulations on this compilation, it may be the best one I've ever heard. Amazing."
--personal email from writer / reviewer Thomas S Roche, CA

All songs used by permission of the artists, who retain all rights to their respective songs and performances. Produced and Compiled by Preston Klik, Paul Infiniti, & Julie Schreiber
Mastered by Chris Greene @ Alien Soundscapes Inc.